Monday, June 15, 2020

This Is What Is Going To Happen Next

Hey now. I'll tell the future, i'll tell you what happens next with the C.H.A.D. zone or the CHOP zone . I'm talking about 7 blocks of real estate in the heart of Seattle, Washington. The people who are rising up to solve problems will soon be (or already are) considered "leaders". Ok here is the future: these "leaders" of CHOP or CHAZ will soon realize that they must provide for the masses. They must make hard decisions, hard choices when sometimes people feel shortchanged. These same uber-liberal justice warriors (now leaders) will be facing accusations of nazism, fascism etc....because you can never satisfy all of the people, you can try your best but a percentage of the masses will get the short end of the stick. It will be at this point when the mob will start accusing the leaders of  being "fascist", "racist", and other descriptive adjectives. At this point the leaders of CHAZ will have their enli
ghtenment moment. 

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Don't Get Snoped
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