Thursday, April 18, 2019

The Truth About Kratom: by Joel the K

On April 16nth the New York Post reported that kratom was linked to 100 overdose deaths in an 18 month period. (1)

If you look at my reference links below this post and go to the government report which The Post referenced, you will see that only 7 of the 100 overdose cases tested for kratom alone. The other 93 cases had street drugs and prescription drugs in their system. (2)

Compare kratom to other commonly used products:

For example, acetaminophen causes apx 450 overdose deaths per year. (3)

Acetaminophen causes apx 50,000 E.R. emergency visits per year. (4)

In 2016 prescription benzodiazepines caused 10,684 overdose deaths. (5)

In 2016 antidepressants caused 4,812 overdose deaths. (6)

In spite of these facts, the mainstream media under pressure from multi-billion dollar drug companies, will attempt to mislead and scare the public into banning kratom. Kratom is the crushed leaves of a tree which grows in southeast Asia. Kratom is a tree. If I make any claims about what kratom may or may not do, it will be considered a criminal act. But know this: Big Pharma isn't making 100 billion dollars per year by selling kratom, because it grows on trees.






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