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Joel W. Harford is the writer behind LuciferWar.com. The website devoted to shining Light into darkness, exposing lies and hypocrisy, and most of all, to testify to my brothers and sisters of all races and religions, that we are being played, and made to hate one another, so that the old money billionaire families who rule from behind the scenes can divide and conquer us. Joel is not conservative or liberal, Leftist or Right-Wing, Libertarian would be much closer to the mark. I ask not for your money. I ask you to reclaim your power as a human being.

Friday, April 12, 2019

LuciferWar Is Not About A President by J.Weldon H

Presidents are sock-puppets for people with real power. Trump did what every other president that survived had to do. Presidents come and go, but advisors, and advisory committees, they linger. Obama talked big for real change, of course he did, and so did every other candidate who has ever accepted the executive of british maritime theatre.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

thats right, we cant fall for the left - right theatre.

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