Friday, March 29, 2019

How To Know If An Alternative News Source Is Legit by J.Weldon H

 As you know, there are steering commitees, think tanks, who work overtime to manufacture public opinion and to create mass movements for public consumption.   They most definitely exist. They sponsor nearly all if not all wars, battles, and mass mega-death events on this planet. 
 They own all mass media, they own all of the major associations. They own all of the corporations which actually execute the government. 
I see my fellow Americans getting swept up in the Conservative vs. Liberal, Left vs. Right cultural war. Hillary vs. Trump and the like. Do not think for one minute that this cultural war has not been meticulously orchrestrated by the same  hidden hand who play the nations of this world like players in a  scripted production. They created WWI, WW II, Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and every other war ever fought for that matter. 
     I come to the point and tell that this steering commitee has mastered the manipulation of the human mind en mass. The masses have been trained like beasts to attack other people for even uttering certain key words. 95% of people I know or have met seem to be emotionally invested in some binary choice where they are offered one of two, maybe three choices. Once they emotionally identify with one of the three psychological investments ritualistically offered to their senses by the popular media, provoking chaos is ridiculously easy for these Tavistockian geni. 
    One of their latest accomplishments in mass behavioral steering is creating general feelings of unfullfillment in the mind of the masses. How do they do it?

  They saturate our mind with fantasy. The Hollywood films, the music industry, television, internet, youtube, fashion, social media platforms galore. Wealth, fame, super-powers, freedom, spiritual power even.  The bar in our subconscious mind gets set so high we feel lacking somehow.  this feeling of lack makes us easy marks for the ad geniuses of Madison ave. and social engineers like Edward Bernays.                                                                                        
What about the truth channels and the alternative media? Are they suspect as tools for mass mind control?  
  How can we tell if a certain youtuber is legit and isn't a prop? The way to tell is, whether or not they follow the iron law of politics: follow the money. 

If that youtuber ventures into fantasy land, making unprovable claims or emotional appeals, then be careful. If the source can document when and where the majority of the money goes and who benifits from it, then they may well be truthful.  The truth, the real bottom line accounting type truth, of where the monies flow, and into whos pocket, is publicity that secretive groups do not desire. Again, if your news source follows the money, it is a solid news source and to be heeded.   


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