Friday, May 13, 2011

Prayer For Defeat Of The Luciferian New World Order by Joel the K

Lord Jesus Christ, Almighty God, we pray not as beggars, but as sons and daughters to your Majesty.
You have gifted to us free will. We pray for wisdom, that we will use our free will righteously and courageously, towards protecting the weak, and pulling down the wicked oppressors who in vain presume to judge others by choosing what groups will live and what groups will die.
They think they are fit to rule the world. They call themselves elite. They plot the death of your children.
They gather and pray to the great demonic owl.
They prance and chant at the feet of the owl demon.
They mock the Lord God for a short time.
They are empowered by fallen angels.
They are in league with the Watchers from the ancient world.
Lord God,  we pray for protection against fell demons and their vile followers.
We pray for guidance Lord God.
Help us to tread the narrow path of Truth and Love. Help us to resist the temptations of the evil one.
We pray for strength and endurance. Help us to never give up doing what is right and good.
Bless us with the courage of heart to stand for what is right in the hour of fear and darkness.
In that hour, when our enemy appears to be at his strongest, bless us with holy vision and discernment.
In that hour when legions of stormtroopers lock step with demons, and hope flees from the hearts of men, bless us with the heart of young lions.
Forgive us Lord God for the deeds we did, which we should not have done.
Forgive us Lord for not doing that which we should have done.
Forgive us Lord for our multitude of sins and wicked thoughts.
Help us to repent of our evil ways. Also help us to forgive ourselves, so that our enemy may not use our own mind against us, causing us to despair.
Let us feel your Holy Spirit Lord. Let us feel your Grace of Forgiveness. Let us know, that no demon or devil can do any permanent harm to us , and those who seek the scientific dictatorship of a new world order, are weak, afraid, and ultimately terrified.
Lord God Almighty, we pray that the angels will win, and the devils will lose.
In the name of Christ Jesus the Holy Logos we pray, Amen.

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