Friday, November 20, 2020

Joel the K Stop The Steal FB Rant


ppl need to realize what is happening.
if you watch msm you have no idea what is going on.
we are now inside of a total takeover assault.
the media has trained you to loathe anyone who stands in the way of them assuming power. ----
now if they are successful and they pull off this greatest crime in the history of the world, you will realize AFTER they take power, that you were being played. ---
you will realize that the man they taught you to hate, is actually the only advocate we the ppl have had in the WH since JFK. ---
is he perfect? NO. does he maybe like to t!tt! f^(k hot women here & there? YES. he is a sinner just like all the rest of us.
But let me tell you what he is NOT. ---
He doesnt k!l! l!tt!e k!d$ like the ones who are trying to steal it all do. these are BAD ppl folks.
do your own research for God's sake.
these ppl have frequent flyer points on J@ffry @psteins lol!t@ expre$$.
these ppl are PEE-DO$ !!
they are criminals.
if you dont know this you aren't paying attention. ----
If they pull off this $teal get ready for $8.00/gal for gas.
say goodbye to any more stimulus cash like DJT hooked you up with.
get ready for PERMANENT LO(kD0WN and BS M@sk m@ndates.
say goodbye to private property. ---
oh and you ppl who like to protest and get rowdy in the streets, say goodbye to freedom of expression and right to peacefully protest,
if these demons pull of this grand $teal they will fu(k!ng K!LL YOU for throwing a water bottle at them.
think i'm i'm kidding? i wish i was. ---
if they gain power, the very minute they gain that power your usefulness to them will be over.
they used you to try and remove the only advocate we the ppl have had since JFK. ---
so he was a little rude.
if you were ATTACKED every damn day of a 4 yr trm when you're trying to work YOU would be rude too. ---
did he hurt some feelings? yea, but the commander of all 5 m!l!tary branches of the greatest country in world history might just have to hurt some feelings to get the job done so maybe cut him some fu(k!ng slack on the hurt feelings. --- now the wh0re m@inste@m med!@ is telling you all KINDS of bullSh!t. --- you cannot be that fu(k!ng stupid to believe that they didnt ste@l 0ur v0te$ and steal our fu(k!ng BIRTHRIGHT. THEY DID. THEY ARE. WE WILL NOT ALLOW IT.
dont let them use your fear of "looking bad" to cause you to not say something, share something, make a post, make a video, make a fu(k!NG SCENE, ANYTHING but nothing. these 0ccult!sts intend to rob us of every last penny, take everything we have and leave us for dead. i promise you. you know in your heart that we the ppl did not choose this criminal perv over the only advocate we have had in the WH since JFK. You know it, and i know it.
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