Tuesday, April 30, 2019

322 by J.W.Harford

Extremely wealthy occultists and extremely naive citizens will roll their eyes at the mention of the word "conspiracy". So let us look a bit deeper. What IS conspiracy?  def: The activity of secretly planning with other people to do something unlawful or harmful. (1)

We know for a fact that secret societies of powerful men actually exist. The secret society known as Skull and Bones does not hide the fact that they exist, they only hide what they talk about behind closed doors. (2)

We know that this secretive group consists of more than 2 members. (2)

But how do we know that they make secret plans to do something unlawful or harmful?

Here is a quote from a famous Skull and Bones member: "Sarah, if the American people ever find out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us" (President George H.W. Bush) (3)

So the next time some well-meaning yet sadly uninformed citizen rolls their eyes at the mention of the term "conspiracy", remember that the eye-rolling is a pre-programmed Tavistockian, Pavlovian response.(4)  Send them to LuciferWar.com. But alas, it takes a brave soul indeed to throw out what they thought was true, and to return to a state of tabula rasa.

(1)- https://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/dictionary/english/conspiracy
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(3)-  https://m.dailykos.com/stories/2013/04/03/1199001/-Jeb-Bush-Oliver-North-and-the-Murder-of-CIA-Drug-Smuggler-Barry-Seal-in-1986
(4)- https://archive.org/stream/Tavistock_201601/Coleman_John_-_The_Tavistock_Institute_of_Human_Relations_djvu.txt

Thursday, April 18, 2019

The Truth About Kratom: by J.Weldon Harford

On April 16nth the New York Post reported that kratom was linked to 100 overdose deaths in an 18 month period. (1)

If you look at my reference links below this post and go to the government report which The Post referenced, you will see that only 7 of the 100 overdose cases tested for kratom alone. The other 93 cases had street drugs and prescription drugs in their system. (2)

Compare kratom to other commonly used products:

For example, acetaminophen causes apx 450 overdose deaths per year. (3)

Acetaminophen causes apx 50,000 E.R. emergency visits per year. (4)

In 2016 prescription benzodiazepines caused 10,684 overdose deaths. (5)

In 2016 antidepressants caused 4,812 overdose deaths. (6)

In spite of these facts, the mainstream media under pressure from multi-billion dollar drug companies, will attempt to mislead and scare the public into banning kratom. Kratom is the crushed leaves of a tree which grows in southeast Asia. Kratom is a tree. If I make any claims about what kratom may or may not do, it will be considered a criminal act. But know this: Big Pharma isn't making 100 billion dollars per year by selling kratom, because it grows on trees.

(1) https://nypost.com/2019/04/16/herbal-supplement-kratom-linked-to-nearly-100-overdose-deaths-in-18-months/

(2) https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/68/wr/mm6814a2.htm

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(5-6) https://deserthopetreatment.com/drug-overdose/top/

Friday, March 29, 2019

How To Know If An Alternative News Source Is Legit by J.Weldon H

 As you know, there are steering commitees, think tanks, who work overtime to manufacture public opinion and to create mass movements for public consumption.   They most definitely exist. They sponsor nearly all if not all wars, battles, and mass mega-death events on this planet. 
 They own all mass media, they own all of the major associations. They own all of the corporations which actually execute the government. 
I see my fellow Americans getting swept up in the Conservative vs. Liberal, Left vs. Right cultural war. Hillary vs. Trump and the like. Do not think for one minute that this cultural war has not been meticulously orchrestrated by the same  hidden hand who play the nations of this world like players in a  scripted production. They created WWI, WW II, Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and every other war ever fought for that matter. 
     I come to the point and tell that this steering commitee has mastered the manipulation of the human mind en mass. The masses have been trained like beasts to attack other people for even uttering certain key words. 95% of people I know or have met seem to be emotionally invested in some binary choice where they are offered one of two, maybe three choices. Once they emotionally identify with one of the three psychological investments ritualistically offered to their senses by the popular media, provoking chaos is ridiculously easy for these Tavistockian geni. 
    One of their latest accomplishments in mass behavioral steering is creating general feelings of unfullfillment in the mind of the masses. How do they do it?

  They saturate our mind with fantasy. The Hollywood films, the music industry, television, internet, youtube, fashion, social media platforms galore. Wealth, fame, super-powers, freedom, spiritual power even.  The bar in our subconscious mind gets set so high we feel lacking somehow.  this feeling of lack makes us easy marks for the ad geniuses of Madison ave. and social engineers like Edward Bernays.                                                                                        
What about the truth channels and the alternative media? Are they suspect as tools for mass mind control?  
  How can we tell if a certain youtuber is legit and isn't a prop? The way to tell is, whether or not they follow the iron law of politics: follow the money. 

If that youtuber ventures into fantasy land, making unprovable claims or emotional appeals, then be careful. If the source can document when and where the majority of the money goes and who benifits from it, then they may well be truthful.  The truth, the real bottom line accounting type truth, of where the monies flow, and into whos pocket, is publicity that secretive groups do not desire. Again, if your news source follows the money, it is a solid news source and to be heeded.   

Monday, May 28, 2012

Event Horizon Chronicle: How Deep Does The Rabbit Hole Go?

Event Horizon Chronicle: How Deep Does The Rabbit Hole Go?: I am referring to Alice`s rabbit hole, of course. I ask, because we are well down it, and headed still deeper. I first began to appreciate...

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lucifer War Goes To Winter Jam 2012 With SKILLET

 Greetings brethren and sistren. Last night my younglings, my wife, and myself attended Winter Jam 2012 featuring the band "SKILLET". I was muy impressed. Skillet kicked buku ass. The Schottenstein Center in Columbus, Ohio was sold out to capacity. The fire marshal locked the doors with thousands still outside in the freezing cold trying to get in. It was an intense scene. There were probably a dozen bands that performed. But Skillet alone was well worth the price of admission. Joel the K has been to many, many concerts in his time, and I must say that Skillet is truly an awesome band. My hat is off to them. If you want to experience just a really rich, atomic rock and roll concert then go see Skillet. Bravo.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lucifer War Reviews Brother Michael Diamond's UFO Book

     Lucifer War is pleased to present to you a review of the book "UFOs: Demonic Activity & Elaborate Hoaxes Meant To Deceive Mankind" written by Brother Michael Diamond.
    The book is 54 pages with paperback binding, published by Most Holy Family Monastery located in Fillmore, New York.
    I found the book's cover art intriguing, provocative and mysterious. The cover really put the hook in me and made me want to get busy reading straight away.
    The first thing I noticed upon opening this book was an absence of a table of contents. It's not a huge problem, but I do like a book to have one, mostly for future reference and research purposes. If Brother Diamond releases further editions, I hope he adds a table of contents.
    This book gets right down to business, skipping over the usual introduction found in most books. I like this. I'm not big on introductions. In fact, I usually read them after I have read the entire book. The author here goes right in for the meat and potatoes and doesn't waste the reader's time with pleasantries or formalities. Bravo.
    Brother Diamond introduces the reader to the book's main assertion right from the start. He wastes no time before presenting proof that UFOs are not from the material universe but are in fact a spiritual phenomena. Diamond cites actual, historical cases and includes quotes from top experts in the fields of UFOology, as well as supporting evidence from renowned physicists, astronomers and authors such as Dr. Jacques Vallee, Dr. J.Allen Hynek and the world famous John Keel. Brother Michael Diamond's arguments are strong, well written, and well referenced.
    After his opening salvo of evidence, Brother Diamond takes on some of the most famous UFO and alien abduction cases. Diamond brings forth powerful evidence that these so called alien abduction cases are actually cases of demonic interaction, abduction and possession. Diamond tackles such cases as that of Whitley Strieber, Betty and Barney Hill, and Travis Walton.
    Brother Diamond calmly and rationally takes the reader past the facades hung for the uninformed public, and into the depths of spiritual reality. I was impressed with Diamond's ability to discern and perceive, and the way in which he conveys that understanding to the reader with brevity, logic and simplicity. You'll find no vanity or razzle-dazzle coming from this author.
    Brother Michael Diamond then touches upon the famous Roswell incident. Diamond's treatment of the Roswell case is extremely powerful. I must admit that some of my beliefs regarding the Roswell case were shaken to the foundation. At the very least I am forced to reevaluate everything I thought I knew about Roswell. Diamond wields the facts like a blunt object by which he proceeds to pummel the stitched together narrative we have heard and read so many times. That narrative falls apart very easily when held up to the cold light of strong logical scrutiny. I'll never look at Roswell the same again. Darn you Diamond.
    After Roswell, Brother Diamond examines the Men In Black phenomena. This was Brother Diamond's weak point in my opinion. Diamond's treatment of the Men In Black phenomena was incomplete. I felt that Diamond missed some very crucial information regarding the M.I.B which would have strengthened even further his already very strong premise that UFOs are in fact demonic.
     In John Keel's book "The Mothman Prophecies", dozens of credible eyewitness reports and testimony supply very strong evidence that the Men In Black are themselves demonic in nature.    
    The M.I.B. time after time exhibited the same behavior as UFOs, behavior which breaks the laws of Newtonian physics. The M.I.B. are known to appear and disappear without a trace. M.I.B.s were reported by witnesses, some of the witnesses being veteran police officers, to have had knowledge of a person's secret, innermost thoughts. The M.I.B. often knew things about a person that the person never told anyone. Diamond grouped the topic of the M.I.B. in with the Majestic-12 hoax. I totally agree that MJ-12 was built upon a phony document. But I cannot understand why Diamond grouped the M.I.B. in with MJ-12. I would ask Brother Michael Diamond to re-open the books regarding the M.I.B., and perhaps make a short YouTube video to share with us the results of that investigation.
    Next Brother Michael Diamond examines topics such as the infamous Alien Autopsy, Area 51, Cattle Mutilations, the Nazca lines and Crop Circles. These topics are briefly examined and for the most part dismissed as hoaxes.
    In conclusion, I highly recommend this book. It was a great read that I couldn't put down until I was finished. Brother Diamond shows us a first-hand knowledge of the deeply spiritual topics which he expounds upon. I have a shelf where I put books I know I will return to repeatedly for use as a research reference. This book, "UFOs: Demonic Activity & Elaborate Hoaxes Meant To Deceive Mankind", by Brother Michael Diamond, is now on that shelf. This book is a winner and a must-read.
What's more, I bought my copy here http://store.mostholyfamilymonastery.com/boufdeacande.html for only $2.00, and the shipping was included in the price! Unbeatable. I should say that I myself and my websites are not affiliated with Most Holy Family Monastery or Brother Michael Diamond in any way other than I purchased the book, read it, reviewed it and liked it.  --- Joel Weldon Harford

Friday, May 13, 2011

Prayer For Defeat Of The Luciferian New World Order by J.Weldon H

Almighty Alpha-Omega, Most High I-Am, Great Spirit, Creator of Love and Light, we pray not as beggars, but as sons and daughters to your Majesty.
You have gifted to us free will. We pray for wisdom, that we will use our free will righteously and courageously, towards protecting the weak, and pulling down the wicked oppressors who in vain presume to judge others by choosing what groups will live and what groups will die.
They think they are fit to rule the world. They call themselves elite. They plot the death of your children.
They gather and pray to the great demonic owl.
They prance and chant at the feet of the owl demon.
They mock the Lord God for a short time.
They are empowered by fallen angels.
They are in league with the Watchers from the ancient world.
Lord God,  we pray for protection against fell demons and their vile followers.
We pray for guidance Lord God.
Help us to tread the narrow path of Truth and Love. Help us to resist the temptations of the evil one.
We pray for strength and endurance. Help us to never give up doing what is right and good.
Bless us with the courage of heart to stand for what is right in the hour of fear and darkness.
In that hour, when our enemy appears to be at his strongest, bless us with holy vision and discernment.
In that hour when legions of stormtroopers lock step with demons, and hope flees from the hearts of men, bless us with the heart of young lions.
Forgive us Lord God for the deeds we did, which we should not have done.
Forgive us Lord for not doing that which we should have done.
Forgive us Lord for our multitude of sins and wicked thoughts.
Help us to repent of our evil ways. Also help us to forgive ourselves, so that our enemy may not use our own mind against us, causing us to despair.
Let us feel your Holy Spirit Lord. Let us feel your Grace of Forgiveness. Let us know, that no demon or devil can do any permanent harm to us , and those who seek the scientific dictatorship of a new world order, are weak, afraid, and ultimately terrified.
Lord God Almighty, we pray that the angels will win, and the devils will lose.
In Light and Love and Truth we pray, Amen.

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